Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Trip to Lapland: Photo Diary

Working for a holiday company, I'm lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel in the name of work. This time around, I've just returned from a visit to Finnish and Swedish Lapland, which was incredible! I've never even been skiing before, so to visit somewhere so cold and snowy was an experience in itself, let alone somewhere inside the Arctic Circle! It felt like I'd stepped into another world - the scenery was Narnia-like, I saw reindeer, the Northern Lights and went snowmobiling and husky-sledding. Not bad for a few days' work!

Flying into Kittila Airport in Finland, we then drove miles and miles through the wilderness, across the border into Sweden. We arrived at the Kangos Guesthouse in the afternoon, a haven of cosy hospitality perfect for snuggling by the fire and enjoying a glass of wine. But soon the peace was shattered when the owner, Johan, rushed in to tell us the Northern Lights were out! Naturally, we hastened outside to watch the breathtaking display of ever-shifting curtains of green light high above us, and Johan managed to get some great snaps (my camera not being sophisticated enough). After relaxing in the sauna, we stayed up chatting with Johan and Samuel, the guide who works at the guesthouse in the winter, before retiring fairly early to bed, as we needed to catch up on our sleep in preparation for the action-packed day we had planned.

The next morning, after a leisurely breakfast and the chance to take a few photos of the guesthouse, we headed out on snowmobiles, through the woods and across a frozen lake. We stopped for lunch in the middle of the woods - it was so cold that our berry juice began to freeze over! We headed back to the guesthouse, warmed ourselves up in the sauna, and then set off back to Finland and the Ylläshumina Hotel.

Arriving at the hotel in the evening, we tucked into the (excellent) buffet dinner, made yet another visit to the sauna (when in Finland...) and the next morning we headed into the village on kick-sleds. Passing cross-country skiers and pausing to enjoy the incredible dawn light in the sky, we couldn't resist buying a couple of souvernirs and of course, chocolates to take back to the office.
In the afternoon, we went husky-sledding - I couldn't get any photos of the dogs as my camera died in the cold :( But I will never forget the sheer volume of their barking when they saw the sleds, they were SO EXCITED to go out! I'll let you in on a secret - husky-sledding is a lot harder than you might think. But we survived the 12km route, and were rewarded with hot berry juice and chocolate muffins in front of the fire when we got back.

All too soon, our 3 nights were up and it was time to catch a flight back to the UK. It really was the trip of a lifetime; I'm so fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit and I'd love to go back, for longer next time!

All photos are mine, except the Northern Lights photos which were taken by Johan Stenevad.


  1. Gorgeous photos Helen! Love this new blog :) x

  2. I would LOVE to visit Lapland! I've been to Finland before but it was lower South and I never saw the Northern Lights! Looks like you had a fabulous time xx

  3. I couldn't believe my luck when I got asked to go for work! And to see the northern lights on our first night, incredible :)


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