Sunday, 25 January 2015

10 Things You Find When You Live 'At Home' in Your 20's

It's extremely commonplace these days for young people to move back in with their parents after uni, or to stay living at home much longer than the previous generation did, even when working full-time. For many of us, being able to afford rent is a struggle, let alone actually buying our own place. It can leave you feeling in-betweeny; adult enough to be working yet still disctinctly reminiscent of adolescence. I decided to put some of my opinions into a lighthearted Buzzfeed style list.

1. You'll spend an inordinate amount of time in your bedroom, to get some privacy
Like a teenager.

2. Your parents will remind you to do all the important adult things you have to do
'I've booked you an appointment at the dentist, and don't forget to apply for a credit card.' Who needs a PA?

3. You'll get irritated at your parents' molly-coddling
Mum, I'm 25, I know how to survive without a step-by-step guide written on Post It notes every time you leave the house!

4. Yet you'll be strangely disappointed when they leave you to your own devices
You went away for the weekend and didn't get any food in for me?! How am I supposed to manage!

5. You'll regress to age 6 if you're feeling under the weather
'Muuumm, please can I have a hot blackcurrant juice?'

6. Your room still looks the same as it did when you were a teenager
Well, I'll be moving out soon, so do I really need to repaint my purple walls which were the height of emo cool circa 2006?

7. You still spend most of your money on cheap drinks and Topshop
Council tax and 'responsibilities' are going to hit me like a train.

8. You feel immature next to some of your friends
They're over there buying their first house and getting married, I'm over here watching The Lego Movie with my dad.

9. You can't wait to move out...
I spend my free time planning my ideal home via Pinterest and eyeing up flats I can't afford.

10. ...But you know you'll miss home as soon as you leave!


  1. love this! I moved out at 21 and I miss home so much but I feel pretty grown up :P xx

    1. Haha I am counting down the days til I move out but I'll miss my mum's cooking :')

  2. Haha, this is actually so true, can totally relate to this when I'm at home at uni over the Christmas/Easter/Summer!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Wise words! I've just finished uni and in my first 'proper' job whilst living at home. Part of me feels like I should be living in my own place, part of me loves it here! I do think as lovely as it it to have your own place, there is a lot of pressure to grow up quickly! x

    Miss Imogen Smith


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