Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Travel Wishlist

One of my New Year's resolutions is to travel more. I want to take lots of short trips abroad (and in the UK) and discover a bit more of Europe and further afield. It's so easy nowadays to hop on a flight and be somewhere completely different in a few short hours, and I don't think we should take this for granted. This is by no means an exhaustive list (there's a whole lotta world out there!), but a handful of places I'd like to try to get to over the next year or two.

Lisbon has been on my list for a year or two now; I've heard lots of good things about it and I haven't visited Portugal since I was a wee girl. Luckily, I have a free hotel stay in the city through work, so I just need to find a weekend with some cheap flights and off I go!

I just think Seville looks gorgeous - full of history and architecture with loads of stuff to do and little streets to explore. And you can't fault the Spanish way of life - long lunches, siestas, tapas and sangria, what's not to like?

Having visited Berlin twice and LOVED it, Munich, as Germany's second city, seems a natural next step. Visiting during Oktoberfest would obviously be ace, but I know there's a lot more to be discovered besides the beer!

Venice is kind of a no-brainer really. Romantic, historic, beautiful and, well, Italian, it's a must-visit in my book.

Marrakesh is high up on my list, I just love the idea of staying in a riad and exploring the souks. I'm also intrigued by Fez, and Essaouira looks beautiful. I need to do some research and take two or three weeks travelling round, as I expect there's so much more to see than just the main tourist traps.

I visted Turkey for the first time last summer and really fell in love with the incredible hospitality and divine cuisine. Istanbul, as the country's beating heart, looks utterly fascinating: a real East-meets-West, ancient-meets-modern metropolis just begging to be explored.

Croatia & Slovenia
Dubrovnik looks stunning (plus it's the real-life King's Landing - GoT fangirl alert) and an island-hopping tour of Croatia would make a fabulous holiday. Just over the border, Slovenia, known as 'little Switzerland,' boasts crystal clear lakes and breathtaking mountain scenery, but remains relatively undiscovered.

And not forgetting our humble island...
I do adore little ol' Blighty and there are so many places I've yet to explore. I'm aiming to see Brighton, Liverpool and the Scottish Highlands this year.

Please throw any suggestions my way (as if I need more on my bucketlist!)


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